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Scanning and Software Design

On Site Scanning

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For over 23 years now we have been helping companies all over the United States to manage millions of pages of documents and make them easier to access. We'd love to hear about how we can help you. Drop us an email now by clicking on this message!
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IT Consultation

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  • Website Design, Development, & Maintenance
  • Internal Company Software Development
  • Internet Marketing (Google, Facebook, Blogging, etc.)
  • Logo & Graphics Creation
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Document Preservation and IT Services
Document Preservation
IT Consultancy Services

About Us

West Coast Micrographics was established and has been based in California for over twenty years, serving clients not only from the state of California but all over the United States.

Our goal is to help our clients in all of your document preservation and IT needs. Documents will last longer with easy access in retrieving documents right away in time of necessity. No need to pull heavy drawers, lift boxes that occupy too much space in your office! West Coast Micrographics can help you do away with heavy lifting or pulling drawers just to look for one file folder and spend too much time looking for documents. Save time and effort and increase productivity!

Our IT Consultants are here to make your lives easier. Our staff has over 23 years experience in designing, building, and deploying software all over the world. Don't let your lack of an IT team hold back the growth of your company. Let us help you computerize your organization THE RIGHT WAY. Call us now for FREE consultation.

We are a reliable company that can offer your office with the latest technology, custom-made design and efficient solution for archival purposes by digitizing your documents for easy access and less expense in retrieving your files at your very own convenience. We offer on-site scanning (we scan your documents right in your facilities) or in-house (we work on it within our own office)—wherever or however the document owner wishes the job to be done.

Why Choose Us

    For Digital Scanning:
  • Digitize image through Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Give you DVD copy and External Hard Drive for safekeeping
  • Scan documents and return them as they were upon receipt, if not in better form than before
    For IT Consultancy:
  • We have over 23 years of solid software development
  • Proper computerization improves office efficiency and lowers labor costs.
  • Call us for FREE Consultation
    Benefits of Scanning:
  • Easy retrieval of important documents
  • Increased office space or savings on storage fees
  • Prevents lost documents
  • Centralized availability of documents

Our Services

  1. Documents Indexing (scanning)
  2. Reproduce Hard Copies (paper form) from digital scans
  3. On site Scanning (Litigation and medical records)
  4. CD Duplication
  5. Oversize on foamboard
  6. Digital Document OCR conversion
  7. Custom solutions